GianCarlo TOSATO

Gian CarloGianCarlo Tosato is a senior energy technology system analyst. He has worked for thirty five years now at energy modelling and analysis in private companies and public organizations, domestically and internationally.

 Since February 2002, he is Research Director and Operating Agent of the Implementing Agreement on the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP; within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Most IEA/OECD countries are active members of ETSAP and have been co-operating for some 30 years now on energy technology analysis using the MARKAL/TIMES system, a   technical-economic modelling tool developed and distributed by ETSAP. Mr. Tosato has provided leadership and made substantial contributions to promoting and expanding ETSAP membership and activity worldwide. The ETSAP analyses and models are currently used in more than 50 countries and adopted as a reference tool for quantitative evaluations of energy and technology policies, environmental protection and climate change mitigation strategies. ETSAP models are currently used at the IEA Secretariat in Paris (France).

As the ETSAP Research Director and senior energy expert, Mr. Tosato is advisor of international and national organisations such as the International Energy Agency (Energy Technology Perspective project and NEET initiative), the European Fusion Development Agreement (EU-EFDA, Garching, Germany), the United States Energy Information Administration (System for the Analysis of Global Energy markets, SAGE project), and national organisations of other countries. He provides advice in carrying out global and multi-regional technical-economic energy analysis, where the end-use technologies play a major role. He made direct contributions in developing energy system models and analysis of European countries (Italy, Portugal) and regions (Piemonte, Basilicata, etc.) as well as in analysing the energy system and prospects of emerging countries with key role in the world energy supply (e.g., Kazakhstan).

Mr. Tosato actively participates in European Union research projects such as REACCESS (risk assessment of long-term energy security in Europe), NEEDS (dynamic evaluation of energy externalities) and REALISEGRID (improved electric networks). He also participated in the SEE-REDP project (evaluation of the energy demands in South East European countries) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

To carry out his activity, Mr. Tosato is frequently in contact with national representatives of IEA Member countries and non-Member countries at technical, diplomatic and political level. He organizes and chairs international workshops on energy modelling and scenario building, and gives presentations on related topics at international conferences across the world.

Mr Tosato’s past employments and responsibilities include: the European Fusion Development Agreement (Max Plank Institute fur Plasma Physik – Garching, Germany) where he was the leader of the Social-Economic Office; the Energy Information Administration (Washington DC, US) where he coordinated the implementation of the new EIA energy model; the Italian Energy Agency (ENEA) where he was the head of the Energy Strategies Office. Other employments include CESEN-Ansaldo (Genoa, Italy), ENI (Rome, Italy), and KernForschungsAnlage (Juelich, Germany). Mr Tosato is author of number of reports, papers, articles and books.